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You've got your trusty Ruger, now wake it up with a barrel worthy of your expectations. Green Mountain's premium Ruger 10 22 rifle barrels are made of the finest materials, with the highest precision standards and quality craftsmanship for optimum performance and durability. Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company is the industry's leader in accurate barrel manufacturing.

Our Ruger 10 22 rifle barrels come in a variety of configurations, each complete with all the features you need. These are high-grade target barrels that you can choose in either blue or stainless steel finishes. When you go for one of our 10 22 target barrels, you'll be getting a quality rifle barrel with excellent balance, performance, and durability.

Fluting, which reduces barrel weight, adds more surface area to dissipate heat, minimizes mirage and offers an aesthetic that some shooters prefer, is available on all our target rifle barrels.

For Ultimate appearance and versatility, our Aero Series Ruger 10 22 rifle barrels feature ultralight vented shrouds that come in several colors. Choose your vented shroud in Matte Aluminum, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Blue and Black.