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Barrel Cleaning

Q: How often should I clean my barrel?

A: After each day of shooting, proper cleaning and care of your barrel will help to ensure utmost accuracy. It's a good idea to clean between shots whenever possible.

Barrel Blank

Q: What is a barrel blank?

A: Our Octagon blanks are straight, untapered, octagon barrels. They are single point cut-rifled with a twist rate specific for shooting patched round balls only. Available in either 36" or 42" lengths, they are threaded for a breech plug and the muzzle end is crowned.

Otherwise, Barrel Blanks are straight bar stock with finished, precision Green Mountain rifling inside, "raw", un-machined on the outside.

Pistol Barrel Making

Q: Are you making pistol barrels again?

A: Yes. These are available in several diameters and calibers in a 12" length.
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Green Mountain IBS

Q. Will a Green Mountain replacement barrel fit a CVA stock?

A. Green Mountain Interchangeable Systems (IBS, or "drop-ins"), do not fit the CVA or Traditions models because the breech system is different. The IBS is designed to fit the T/C Hawken or Renegade and some copies of these models.