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25" Round Barrel Blanks

The 25" round rifle barrel blanks from Green Mountain Barrel Company come in a variety of calibers, including .17 Hornady, .22 Rimfire Magnum, .22 Rimfire long rifle, .223 caliber with a 1:7 twist rate, .223 caliber with a 1:9 twist rate, .45 Colt, and .25, .32, .40 and .44 Winchester.

These 25" long, button-rifled, machine-finished rifle barrel blanks are air gauged to ± .0002". Some factory barrels have irregularities in their bore diameters. Air gauging ensures that our rifle barrel blanks feature perfect bore diameter uniformity for maximum accuracy.

Further adding to the accuracy of our 1.062"-diameter, centers-turned 25" round rifle barrel blanks is the fact that they are super strong. Their strength is due to the fact that they are made of stress-relieved 4140 chrome moly steel. While other rifle barrel companies might choose to harden their steel in ways that warp and distort their barrels, such as adding carbon and then heating it, we ensure a super-stiff rifle barrel by using barrels that have been alloyed with Chromium.

Adding chromium to the alloy helps to reduce corrosion. A stronger rifle barrel resists abrasion, which means your rifle barrel will shoot accurately for longer than other rifle barrels. Chrome-moly steel combines the strength of a medium carbon steel with the abrasion resistance provided by the molybdenum alloy. For this reason, chromium alloy has become the gold standard in barrel making. Take advantage of the benefits of our 25" round rifle barrel blanks today. Or, check out our other quality round rifle barrel blanks.

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