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Green Mountain Limited Warranty

Year 1: Green Mountain will repair or replace any faulty part caused by defective materials or craftsmanship.

Warranty Limitation:

  • Warranty begins at the original date of purchase
  • Applies to normal use only
  • Warranty only applies to original purchaser
  • Warranty does not apply to wear items such as nipples

Warranty Is Void If:

  • Serial number is defaced
  • Defect due to damage or product alteration
  • Product is not used in accordance with use and care instructions
  • Product is not cleaned per owner's manual
  • In no event shall Knight Rifles or Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages

Owner's Responsibilities :

  • Providing proof of purchase (sales invoice/canceled check/warranty card/UPC code)
  • Normal care and maintenance
  • Replacing owner replaceable items
  • For shipping/handling & insurance on a factory return
  • For contacting Green Mountain prior to shipping to receive an RA # Email [email protected] or call 603-447-1095
  • For cleaning as instructed per owner's manual

* This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have others which vary from state to state.

Important: Rifle grade stainless steel is more resistant to rust and corrosion than blued steel, but it is not rust proof. To ensure your stainless steel barrel remains in superior condition, clean, oil, and store it in the same manner as a blued steel barrel.

Disclaimer: Green Mountain muzzleloading barrels in .50, .54, and .58 calibers have been designed specifically for use with Black Powder FFg, Pyrodex 'RS', or Pyrodex 'Select' only. The .50 caliber Long Range Hunter 1:28" fast-twist barrels are designed to shoot heavy lead conicals or saboted bullets only and will not shoot a patched round ball. Use Blackpowder FFFg or Pyrodex P for .32, .36, .40 and .45 caliber round ball only. Do not use miracle lubes or bore seasoning agents on your rifle barrel. DO NOT USE SMOKELESS POWDER!!

Exceeding maximum powder charge of 120 gr. Black Powder FFg by volume, or its equivalent, could result in extreme danger. Knight Rifles and Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. expressly disclaims any and all liability for the following: incidental or consequential damages due to the misuse or altering of these barrels and products; and mishandling (whether accidental or purposeful) of these barrels and products; exceeding the maximum load recommendations; or for rifles on which our products have been installed.