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Ruger 10/22 .920 & Sporter Barrels

Green Mountain Rifle Barrels offers direct-fit quality replacement barrels for your Ruger 10 22 in .920 and Sporter diameters. When the factory barrel won't do, you know who to turn to for high-quality, accurate performance. Our high-grade 10 22 target barrels come in blued or stainless steel finishes in several configurations. You can get your rifle barrel fluted or non-fluted, in a variety of calibers.

Our Ruger 10 22 .22 LR fluted bull barrels feature 1:16" twist rates. Bull barrels are cylindrical along their whole length with no tapering. This helps to minimize the effects of barrel vibration on accuracy. Sizes range from 20" x .920" to 18" x 920". One 18" .920 bull fluted barrel even comes with Fire Sights,

Choose a Ruger 10/22 barrel in .920 or Sporter Diameter Barrel in 22LR, or a stinger chamber for the .22 LR. You can get our 10-22 barrel in lengths of 16", 18", 16" and 20" with .920" diameters. They also can come drilled and tapped for the Volquartsen scope mount.

The fluted sporter barrels for the 10/22 LR 16.5" and 20" come with 1:16 twist rates and .920"" diameters for 1½ inches sporter which then tapers to .600"" at the muzzle.

Please Note, Some Aftermarket V-Block Fasteners May Not Fit GMRB 10-22 Barrels.